Systems, Inc.

Leading the digital storage revolution,
one bit at a time.

The KRATE Platform is the
premier data logistics platform
for block-based cloud
storage enterprises.

KRATE is the only solution which provides absolute privacy,
blockchain-based data distribution, and unparalleled security.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the KRATE Corporation to ensure the integrity and availability of data through secure decentralization. This will be achieved by continually innovating while breaking the barriers of conventional thinking regarding cryptographically-secure decentralized data technologies.

Our Story

Maintained by a decentralized network, what differentiates the KRATE Platform from other solutions is the ability to exceed industry standards for both uptime and efficiency at a fraction of storage cost, bandwidth, and disk input/output. KRATE utilizes its own fully-functioning blockchain-based token under the token name KRATES to pay for storage made available by storage providers. KRATE tokens are earned through securing the network in one of five ways, with three of these requiring no initial purchase of KRATE tokens, while the other two encourage long-term holding of KRATE tokens.

Our Technology

KRATE Storage Network uses sharding, encryption, and erasure-encoding, combined with data decentralization, to protect private information while making it available to the user on-demand at unparalleled speeds. More detailed information can be found in the KRATE White Paper.


The KRATE Blockchain is unique because it uses an egalitarian-computing algorithm in all proofs, known as the Merkle-Tree-Proof+Argon2ds, allowing for a more inclusive group of entities to contribute to ledger security.


Data stored on the KRATE network is kept available while maintaining a high level of consistency and accuracy through an elaborate combination of erasure encoding, atomic writes, and tiered checksums. This results in a self-healing system that is reliable and retains virtually constant uptime. A further added benefit of erasure encoding is an exponential increase in efficiency. Data does not need to be mirrored or duplicated, allowing for less calls to the storage device, which increases device longevity, and decreases bandwidth usage.


The KRATE Platform is the only solution which provides cryptographic privacy, blockchain-based data distribution, and previously unimagined levels of security. The security offered by the KRATE Platform cannot be matched by any centralized provider.


A complete software stack will be provided to the community that will include the blockchain, wallet, pool software, block explorer, and both GPU+CPU mining software. There will also be a fully documented software API for the purpose of allowing developers to build new storage, analytics, or other blockchain based tools on the KRATE Platform.