Learn the story behind KRATE.

The Project

The KRATE Cloud is backed by KRATE Distributed Information Systems Incorporated, a Saskatchewan Corporation, incorporated under The Business Corporations Act (Saskatchewan) on November 21st, 2017, and is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada.

The Corporation

The KRATE Corporation is responsible for the initial development of the KRATE Cloud to ensure the highest quality of software development that meets the highest levels of regulatory compliance. After the initial release of the KRATE Cloud, the project will be opened to the community to permit and promote the continued development and contribution to the code base.

The Future

To maintain high software development standards and regulatory compliance, the KRATE Corporation will continue to oversee the project – not as a corporate owner, but rather as a curator. In this capacity, the KRATE Corporation will be a contributor to the KRATE Cloud the same as any community member would, with the added support of its many relationships with professional services and advisers to maintain top quality release builds.

Why Us?

Maintained by a decentralized network, what differentiates the KRATE Cloud from other solutions is the ability to end data breaches. Additionally, the KRATE Cloud can exceed industry standards for data distribution, disaster recovery, up-time and efficiency at a fraction of traditional cloud costs. The KRATE Cloud utilizes its own token under the token name KRATE to pay for available services.

Our Mission

It is the mission of KRATE to end data breaches through secure decentralization and distribution.

Our Story

Michael Thoreson, KRATE CEO, is a victim of identity theft, and over a decade later is still suffering the effects. After a long search for a better way to store data, it was clear a new solution was needed. In May 2016, Michael started designing the KRATE Cloud, and in November 2017, launched KRATE Distributed Information Systems.


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Michael Thoreson
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Thoreson created KRATE Distributed Information Systems Incorporated after his identity was stolen to address the challenge of data security and privacy. KRATE aims to enable self-governed data sovereignty; be it for an individual, company, or government, within privacy regulation.

Michael loves to solve tech problems and is a 3rd generation entrepreneur, quickly learning at a young age the pains and joys of walking the entrepreneurial path. This path would include creating successful companies in information technology, property maintenance, and now blockchain. He is very proud to have his wife working side by side as business partner, co-founder, and advisor through every adventure.

Michael is a self-educated systems analyst and developer as well a certified IT technician and network administrator.

Michael is very passionate about solving real world problems with blockchain, decentralization, self-governance, and data sovereignty. He has advised on several blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and still continues to lend his support and expertise to the blockchain community.

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada where he still resides with his wife, he can be found at a Saskatchewan Roughriders game when not working on KRATE.

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Caitlin Thoreson
Co-Founder & COO

Caitlin has worked in a number of different industries throughout her life which has given her a vastly unique set of skills that she is thrilled to bring to KRATE. Caitlin and her husband previously built two companies from the ground up, making it an easy decision to work together on a third.

In her youth Caitlin enjoyed playing around with computer systems and diagnosing issues. Being a Co-founder of KRATE, she is able to pursue this interest by continuing to learn programming and software development.

As a strong advocate for women in technology, Caitlin is delighted to be part of the growing number of women in the blockchain community.

Caitlin, like Michael, has fallen victim to theft of personal data creating first-hand knowledge of the importance and value of self-sovereign data.

Caitlin and her husband still reside in Saskatchewan, Canada with their rescued animals. When Caitlin isn’t working in the garden, she can be found cheering on her favourite CFL team the Saskatchewan Roughriders.