It is the mission of the KRATE Corporation to ensure the integrity and availability of data through secure decentralization.
This will be achieved by continually innovating while breaking the barriers of conventional thinking regarding cryptographically-secure decentralized data technologies.

The KRATE Corporation is responsible for the initial development of the KRATE Platform to ensure the highest quality of software development that meets the highest current levels of regulatory compliance. After initial release of the KRATE Platform, the project will be opened to the community to permit and promote the continued development and contribution to the code base.

To maintain high software development standards and regulatory compliance, the KRATE Corporation will continue to oversee the project – not as a corporate owner, but rather as a curator. In this capacity, the KRATE Corporation will be a contributor to the KRATE Platform the same as any community member would, only with the added support of its many relationships with professional services and advisors to maintain top quality release builds.

Relationships between the KRATE Corporation and both national and international firms have been established in the areas of software development, hardware manufacturing, legal, finance, insurance, and risk management.