Ask Us Anything with CEO Michael Thoreson

October 27, 2019 in Community

Ask Us Anything with CEO Michael Thoreson

Ask KRATE CEO Michael Thoreson about anything related to the KRATE platform and he will answer in a brief video message in the next few weeks.

While attending Decentralized and WebSummit, Thoreson will take time out to answer any questions submitted as well as any interesting questions he receives while attending the conferences.

The extensible nature of the KRATE project makes it possible to build content delivery networks, enterprise resource planners, customer relationship managers and more. The storage network allows anyone with storage to contribute, from free space on a cell phone to a high capacity data center. The entire project is built on a new blockchain.

A project of this scope will naturally generate a lot of questions among those hearing it for the first time, and Thoreson is here to offer answers.

Questions should be submitted using the form below. Any questions submitted via social media will be collected by the team and given to Thoreson. He will be answering questions in between presenting KRATE and speaking engagements when he has free time.

Questions can relate to any aspect of the KRATE platform including technology, partnerships, MOUs, future plans, and more.

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