See how KRATE is transforming the healthcare world.

The Problem

Despite the technology of medicine, many current healthcare systems communicate in an antiquated way.

There is an astonishing amount of roadblocks and mismanagement doing real damage to real people that can be prevented.

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  1. Interoperability

    Healthcare lacks the interoperability of information systems and requires maintaining individual copies of health records at each facility and sharing changes via email or fax.

  2. Inconsistencies

    Ultimately, the patient suffers from a lowered level of care due to inconsistent patient data between facilities, increased facility costs, and clinician burnout.

Our Solution

The KRATE Cloud facilitates the communication between health care regions in a structured, safe, and most importantly, regulation-compliant manner.

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  1. Unified

    Support a unified EHR that provides one electronic health record for one patient allowing clinicians more time for their patients and a healthier bottom line for facilities.

  2. Access

    Patients become informed patients who can better manage their health through access to their health record.