KRATE Signs MOU with Blockchain and Distributed Systems Professor Dr. Ralph Deters

October 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

KRATE Signs MOU with Blockchain and Distributed Systems Professor Dr. Ralph Deters

KRATE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with blockchain and distributed systems professor Dr. Ralph Deters.

Dr. Deters is director of the Multi-User Adaptive Distributed Mobile And Ubiquitous Computing (MADMUC) Lab at the University of Saskatchewan.

He will help KRATE implement the storage network, masternodes and the routing protocol involved in preventing node localization and also help to develop a smart contract system that is deterministic, interoperable and .NET Standard compliant, removing hurdles for many developers interoperability requirements.

Dr. Deters expertise on multi-agent distributed systems and mobile and ubiquitous computing will allow KRATE to develop robust solutions to known attack vectors that many distributed networks face.

Dr. Deters’s and his colleague Dr. Julita Vassileva direct the MADMUC lab which was founded in May 2000 by a grant funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

The lab’s goal is to “explore and develop” improved “middleware systems for decentralized software systems”, facilitate user interaction in social software infrastructures, preserving data privacy in a decentralized network, all while keeping the user’s mental and social health in mind.

Dr. Deters earned his PhD from Federal Armed Forces University Munich (Universität der Bundeswehr München) in 1998 and has been a published scholar since the early 90s, still being published to this day. His MADMUC Lab has the distinction of having 97 graduate students from 25 different countries complete their Masters (80) degree or PhD (17) in the lab since its inception.

Dr. Deters MADMUC Lab website can be found at

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